About Mia Anika


Mia Anika is a visual artist, cartographer, and mental health advocate based in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her Bachelor of Art in Visual Arts from Agnes Scott College in 2014.

Her work centers around discovering and exploring inner worlds, the intersections of color theory and mindfulness, drawing inspiration from Julie Mehretu, Mary Lovelace O’Neal, Michi Meko, Radcliffe Bailey and Sam Gilliam. 

She advocates for holistic approaches to mental health and wellness and invites others to facilitate their healing by participating in the creative process, through journaling and workshops. She recently led a workshop at the 2019 Yale Black Solidarity Conference on fine arts and resilience. Her work has appeared at Decatur Arts Alliance, HOBI Studios, TILA Studios, and currently at Art of Touch Massage & Health Center in Midtown Atlanta.Art Heals the Broken! 

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